A downloadable Bandit for Windows

Run endlessly in proceduraly generated maps, dodge obstacles and shoot your way, can't stop the Bandit Trail!

Unlock weapons and character skins by increasing your Wanted Level and by earning Dollars in your playthroughs. Play endlessly to achieve your best bounty!

Game is planned for a future release in iOs & Android.

Designed and developed by:

Piotr Pinczura & Jorge León Elías

Install instructions

Extract zip file to any folder in your pc and find the Bandit_Trail.exe inside WindowsNoEditor folder to start the game!

Hope you enjoy, feedback is welcome.


Bandit.zip 653 MB


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This is a pretty fun game. I think the beginning is a little too easy. Personally, I like it better when the fast is much faster.

It will be also great on Android and IOS waiting for this game on mobile :) Nice work Dev.